Olimpia gets crushed and humiliated by Olancho FC in a friendly match

Olimpia gets crushed and humiliated by Olancho FC in a friendly match

Guticalpa, Honduras

Pedro Truglio’s Olimpia suffered an agonizing 4-0 victory over Potros del Olancho on Saturday in a friendly at the Juan Ramon Privet Vargas Stadium, a week before the start of the Clausura 2022 tournament.

Pampero paints the face of the current champions who received a reality check and clear warning for the upcoming competition, where they will be looking for two championship titles and in one season they will play in the CONCACAF Champions League.

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Troglio initially fielded an eleven with Alex Güity, Maylor Núñez, Brayan Beckeles, José García, Carlos Sánchez, Carlos Pineda, Jorge Álvarez, José Mario Pinto, Kevin López, Yan Maciel and Jerry Bengtson.

In the 23rd minute, Olancho scored the first goal for Lyon through midfielder Christian Callix, who received the ball just outside the area and took a strong right hand that was impossible for Alex Goit. Big goal!

The second part and the tone

So they went to rest and Albus’ Argentinian coach changed the whole team. Jose Mendoza, Axel Gamer Maldonado, Jonathan Paz, Julian García, M .

The modifications did not work with Olimpia and Argentine forward Agustín Uzmendi, who finished the Apertura 2022 tournament as the top scorer with 12 goals – equal with Clavin Zúñiga -, entered the stadium and scored twice to secure victory for Olanshana.

Starting from the second half, in the 49th minute, the local defense received the ball and started the counterattack. Uzmendi played it off to Carlos Ovidio Lanza, took the ball, opened the lane for Cristian Altamirano who ran a few yards, lifted a beautiful three-fingered cross and Agustín Mendoza fired home.

The “Assassin” from South America appeared again in the 53rd minute with another hammer blow, it was a precise header after a corner and the team that was taking on the winningest team in the history of the Honduran National League was already humiliated.

A minute earlier, Jose Mendoza made a save after a brilliant cross between Uzmendi and Ovidio Lanza, who shot hard and the Olympic keeper blocked a corner kick that led to the Colts’ third goal.

The strike was extended in the 80th minute of the set piece, Mario Martinez took a low free kick and José Danilo Tobias was able to connect to send the ball into the back of Olimpia’s goal.

The worst night for Olimpi ended with the sacking of one of their signings for the season. Edwin Solani Solano receives a red card for a hard tackle on Ángel Oseguera.

Olimpia will now have to reverse the slide as they begin preparations for their debut in the Clausura 2023 tournament, which will take place on Sunday, January 22 at the Estadio Carlos Miranda de Comayagua against Real Sociedad at 16:00.

For their part, the colts from Olancho will face the Marathon de Salomon Nazar on Saturday the 21st at Juan Ramon Privet Vargas at 19:00.

Starting lines:

Olancho Club: Harold Fonseca, Nelson Muñoz, Omar Elver, Oscar Almendarez, Renery Mallorquin, Javeth García, Christian Altamirano, Henry Gomez, Christian Calix, Eric Portillo, German Aguila,

Olympia: Naid Getty, Mylor Nunez, Brian Bekelis, Jose Garcia, Carlos Sanchez, Carlos Pineda, Jose Mario Pinto, Kevin Lopez, Jorge Alvarez, Jan Maciel and Jerry Bengtson.

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