Rock in 2023 this Saturday, New Year’s Eve, at the Totally Rad 80’s Prom Bash

Rock in 2023 this Saturday, New Year’s Eve, at the Totally Rad 80’s Prom Bash

By Ryan Vandergriff

If you fancy going out for an electrifying Kriss Kross Jump Dance or Moonwalk but haven’t perfected the time machine in your garage, come this Saturday to Totally Rad 80’s Prom Basha perfect way to ring in 2022 while celebrating all that’s to come in 2023!

Even more radical, it’s also a benefit to THE TROUBLE!

More than just a New Year’s celebration

At the helm of this event is Bernetia Johnson of Love Local Events, a child of the 1980s herself. Bernetia fondly remembers the Trapper Keeper era and provides any and all great pains that were taken to ensure that distinct 1980s vibe .The fine folks behind the Totally Rad 80’s Prom Bash know that there are a number of options for New Year’s Eve revelers.

The Olympia Ballroom celebrations will look forward to 2023 by throwing a loved one BACK to the decade of Power Rock and Bugle Boys known as the 1980s. For this very daring purpose, New Year’s Eve attendees at the Olympia Ballroom can dip their big toes into more bric 80s-themed -a-brac than you can shake a proverbial box at. Very good in!

Take a chill pill and listen to some bold tunes

What’s more 1980s than a wide ballroom floor flooded with the music that defined a generation? Catch the next one close and escape to Happy Land with the choruses of some of the most iconic bands performed by Big band of love, rebranded for the night as DN80, and disco with tunes created by country music maestro, DJ Matt extraordinaire. Want the sweet sounds of A-ha, Journey, The Smiths and Chris Isaak? You have come to the right place.

But wait, there’s more!

The glorious centerpiece of the Totally Rad 80’s Prom Bash is one of the best bands on the local Olympia scene, the Big Love Band, (rechristened DN80 for this special evening). The five-piece band is led by Dan Walker, known for his solo guitar work, and singer Allison Hanlon. These full-time professional musicians will remind everyone why the 80s were the raddest time in all the annals of music history. Ride the fantastic light and get ready to implement your vision for The Robot as the DN80 swings at us in 2023!

“You don’t know what you’re going to get at a Big Love show, other than a good time,” Walker said. THE TROUBLE today.

Here are some of the covers to look forward to: Fleetwood Mac (“Gypsy,” “Little lies” and more), Men at Work (“Land below”), the Bangals (“Walk like an Egyptian“), B-52 (“Love hut“), Michael Jackson (“The man in the mirror”), A flock of seagulls (“I ran“) and many others.

Big Love is named after a Fleetwood Mac song written by Lindsey Buckingham.

Group members will include:

Bandleader/ Guitars – Dan Walker
Lead Vocals/Flute – Allie Hanlon
Lead Vocals/ Keyboards – Amanda Ransom
Bass Guitar – Gary Hicker
Drums (foot) – Scottie McDevitt and Chad Andres

Where’s the beef?

If all of the above leaves you wanting more, then take a chill pill: Love local events and THE TROUBLE tidingsThe crew is taking this New Year’s Eve a trip back in time that would make Doc Brown and his trusty DeLorean green with envy. Starting with an impressive array of appetizers and desserts (all sourced from local businesses), this is a party that won’t go down smoothly on that good night.

Take full advantage of the ballroom’s cash bar as you sample any number of liquid refreshments, including signature cocktails from the Reagan years. Bonus points should be awarded in the form of free soda all night for all you designated drivers out there; get yours frescos AND Coke 2 in!

Finally, commemorate this Blast from the Past before you step out into the brand new world that is 2023 by taking prom pictures and selfies of you and all your loved ones all night long at themed selfie stations straight and totally tubular 80’s!

Gravel callus

Want to ring in the New Year in 1980 style with the good folks at the Olympia Ballroom? Just head up for tickets (click here) and all the wonderful details.

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