Rost: The likelihood of Seahawks’ 4 possible routes with No. 5 pick

Rost: The likelihood of Seahawks’ 4 possible routes with No. 5 pick


UPDATED: APRIL 4, 2023 AT 9:22 AM

John Schneider and Pete Carroll watch Seahawks practice on June 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)


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There is little certainty about anything heading into the NFL Draft for the Seahawks and the rest of the league. It’s the case every year for good reason.

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But the closest you can get is that the top two teams are not moving. The Panthers traded a load to the Bears for the chance to select their quarterback No. 1 overall, a pick the Texans hoped to use on their franchise passer (they would have to settle for the No. 2 pick). So here goes CJ Stroud and Bryce Young, in either order.

It is in choice no. 3 that things start to get interesting for the Seahawks, which opens up some draft opportunities. That starts with something Pete Carroll and John Schneider have never done: trade up in the first round.

Option 1: Trade

Trades between division rivals are rare, so additional capital is likely needed here.

Arizona has a chance to improve their defense with Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson Jr., who has been widely mocked here. Or, they could do what Chicago did and take advantage of an early run on quarterbacks with a trade.

If Seattle is in love with Anderson and a quarterback-needy team moves up to No. 3, they can stay put and likely have their pick for the top two defensive players in the draft (that is, if Indianapolis doesn’t trade up Arizona to keep other teams at bay). If Seattle lands someone like Florida’s Anthony Richardson, they’ll have to make a move to jump ahead of a Colts team in dire need of a franchise pass rusher.

Verdict: Unlikely

Seattle ball has made the rounds to visit the top four quarterbacks, and neither John Schneider nor Pete Carroll have ruled out selecting a quarterback. But the position is at least solidified for 2023, and this is a team that not only likes to have more pieces in the bullpen (a philosophy more consistent with their trade habit), but one that desperately needs one. for defense assistance.

Option 2: Stay at the 5 and draft a QB

What if they still had bites at the apple and a chance to find a bystander? Without sacrificing picks, the Seahawks could still face the option between upgrading their defense or snagging one of the top players left in the draft, which will happen if Richardson or Kentucky’s Will Levis are available.

I can hear it now:

“But why would they take a quarterback if they need defensive help? That would never happen!”

Because finding a franchise quarterback is the most important thing any team will do. Asked why they would take a passer if they extended Geno Smith, Schneider responded with a single line:

“Because they don’t grow on trees.”

There is a real temptation here for Seattle. Schneider and Carroll haven’t shied away from falling in love with a player (see: trades for Percy Harvin, Jimmy Graham and Jamal Adams), critics be damned.

Verdict: Possible

Schneider and Carroll’s attempts to visit those four pro days in person may seem like smoke and mirrors — an attempt to lure other teams into a trade. But I believe there’s also real intrigue for a team that hasn’t definitively answered the biggest question they faced after their Russell Wilson trade: who is the next franchise player? It could very well be Smith, although curiosity about a younger talent will continue. However, finding a defensive difference maker is the main goal for 2023.

Option 3: Stay at the 5 and draft the best defensive option

Two months ago that would definitely have been Georgia’s Jalen Carter. As for talent, that remains true. More recent mocks have them taking another option, like Texas Tech’s Tyree Wilson.

If Carter is available, there are plenty of temptations there, but also more recent concerns for the characters. They stem from misdemeanor or careless driving and contest charges filed in March to which Carter pleaded no contest. He declined interviews at Georgia’s pro day, showed up nine pounds heavier and reportedly struggled with workouts. And this week, his agent Drew Rosenhaus announced that Carter would not interview with any team outside the top-10.

“I think it’s another on the list of terrible decisions on his part,” NFL analyst Trey Wingo said of Stacy Rost and Curtis Rogers on Monday’s Bump and Stacy show. “(Seattle) could benefit from him being there at the five. I mean, he’s the best overall talent on the board. But because of a number of actions and decisions he’s made, he could be very available there.I just think this guy either doesn’t get it or his representation isn’t doing him right…

“Talent weighs. There will always be that guy. Now, I know a team that has completely removed it from their board. But there is always a team that says I can make it work. That one coach who says I can do it. His talent is undeniable. And sometimes that’s too much to pass up.

Verdict: More likely than not

Whether it’s Carter, Wilson, or another top defensive prospect, this is Seattle’s biggest area of ​​need and has been for years. They were 31st against the pass in 2020 and 2021 and 30th against the run in 2022. Say what you will about Smith’s weaker second half or the interior offensive line concerns (which are fair) – this team isn’t going anywhere until they improve defensively.

Option 4: Trade back

Seattle could still get a talent in the middle of the first round (potentially a top-10 talent) and add more capital. But here’s another consideration for this: Schneider never had an opportunity to draft this high. For the first time in his career here is a possibility for a top-5 pick. Isn’t this worth using to find the kind of blue-chip talent they haven’t been able to get in past classes?

Verdict: Possible

Because it’s the Seahawks.

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