Seahawks & Bobby Wagner Looking Forward To Linebacker’s Return To Seattle

Seahawks & Bobby Wagner Looking Forward To Linebacker’s Return To Seattle

The Seahawks have already faced Wagner once this season, when Seattle beat the Rams in Week 13, and the game was a win-win scenario for any Seahawks fan torn between their loyalty to their team and their love for a of the greatest players in franchise history – the Seahawks left LA with a win, but Wagner also had a great game, including a pair of sacks and an interception. There was plenty of trash talk during the game between Wagner and his former teammates, but the scene after the game was a big love fest that extended into a meeting between Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Wagner long after the game was over and after Carroll played his game after the game. press conference.

This weekend, however, will likely be even more memorable for Wagner because it will be his first game at Lumen Field and it will be Seahawks fans’ first chance to welcome a beloved former player home .

“They’re going to be great,” Carroll said when asked what kind of reception he thinks Wagner will get at Lumen Field. “They love him. I think they’ll welcome him back. I just think that’s what’s going to happen. Then if he makes an intervention or something, then maybe they don’t give him as much love. I don’t I know. He’s going to make some shots in this game. He’s playing good ball and doing good things, but they’re going to do the right thing. Whatever it is, they’re going to do it.”

By far, the biggest story for the Seahawks this week is their bid to secure a playoff spot, and to do that they know they’ll need to beat the Rams, not to mention getting some help from the Lions. So the focus of the game is directly on preparing to beat an opposing team, not on reacting to a player’s presence. But for Seahawks fans who grew to love Wagner after he helped lead some of the best defenses in franchise history, there’s sure to be a little extra love for a player suited up for a division rival.

“They’re going to show him all the love and all the appreciation he deserves so much,” defensive coordinator Clint Hurtt said. “I can’t say enough good things about Bobby. It’s one of those things at a level of competition where you want to go after guys and compete and win and kick ass. There are some guys and he’s one of them where you have so much admiration for a player and respect for a guy, you just want to see him do his best. Obviously he had a great game against us in the last game and I hope the 12 this for him on Sunday. He deserves more.”

Added outside linebacker Darrell Taylor, “It’s going to be crazy. I think they’re going to welcome him, for sure. He’s a great guy, great leader, great player and great person, so I think they they’ll welcome him. We, of course, will too, this is our old teammate, so we love him to death. He’s going to go on to do great things, as he should.”

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