TRL library improvements focus accessibility and comfort

TRL library improvements focus accessibility and comfort

By Taniah Najih | Timberland Regional Library

Another 12 Timberland Regional Library locations were upgraded and updated in 2022, and a new location opened in Hawks Prairie as part of the organization’s mission to meet the needs of the communities it serves and its vision to provide access for all.

Timberland Regional Library (TRL) operations staff worked tirelessly to improve the 12 libraries located in Grays Harbor, Lewis, Mason, Pacific and Thurston counties. These updates are in addition to the 12 libraries upgraded in 2020-2021.

“Anticipating the needs of the community with remodeling and renovations to modernize our library buildings is our ongoing goal,” said Timberland Regional Library Executive Director Cheryl Heywood. “We strive to use sustainable materials, increase usable, open space for library patrons, increase accessibility so that every visitor feels comfortable and accommodated, all while creating spaces that are easy to navigate. cleaned and maintained.”

Throughout 2022, TRL’s libraries received significant improvements and upgrades, including new flooring, remodeled restrooms, updated service stations, comfortable furniture, and more accessible shelving.

One of the largest projects in Thurston County was the remodeling and opening of the Hawks Prairie Timberland Library east of Lacey at 8205

Remodeling of Hawks Prairie began in the fall of 2021 and the grand opening was held on February 8, 2022. Improvements included:

  • Installation of new luxury vinyl flooring.
  • Received new paint throughout the location.
  • The toilets were renovated.
  • New, modern shelves installed.
  • New furniture with various options for the comfort of customers.
  • Installed modern signage and art.

The Hawks Prairie Timberland Library was the second installment of a pilot project implemented by TRL of locations called “Fate Day Libraries.” The first of these pilot branches to open was the West Olympia Timberland Library at Capital Mall.

As a day library, Hawks Prairie offers the newest and most sought-after books and movies, unique services and computer access. Since its opening, it has become one of the busiest of the 29 TRL library locations.

“With the opening of Hawks Prairie, we are better able to serve that area of ​​the Lacey community, which is very exciting,” Heywood said.

Also in Thurston County, the Lacey Timberland Library received shelving modifications and workers in the city of Lacey completed painting and cabinet updates in the staff work area. The Olympia Timberland Library received new and improved stalls in both public restrooms and additional space was created in the staff work area.

Other TRL libraries receiving upgrades in 2022 include Amanda Park, Westport and Elma in Grays Harbor County; Centralia and Salkum in Lewis County; Hoodsport and Shelton in Mason County; and Ocean Park and Ilwaco in Pacific County.

The McCleary Timberland Library is undergoing a major refresh that will be completed in early 2023, and plans for a new Mountain View Timberland Library to be built in Randle are in the early stages.

“All of our thanks for the opportunity to improve these 12 library locations go to the Timberland Regional Library Board of Trustees, our city partners, our very talented operations staff and our wonderful library staff for completing these projects, Heywood said.

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