Ken Lee ID’d as homeless Toronto man killed by 8 ‘swarm’ of teen girls

Ken Lee ID’d as homeless Toronto man killed by 8 ‘swarm’ of teen girls

Police in Canada have identified the homeless man who was stabbed and beaten to death last month in a “multiple” attack allegedly carried out by a group of eight teenage girls.

Toronto police named the victim as 59-year-old Ken Lee and revealed that he was killed while trying to prevent the teenagers from stealing a bottle of liquor from a friend.

The deadly attack happened after midnight on December 18 in a plaza near Toronto’s main train station, not far from a homeless shelter.

According to police, Lee, an immigrant from Hong Kong who had moved into Toronto’s housing system in recent months, was “choked” by the group of girls, who continued to stab him.

An anonymous police source told the Toronto Sun that the girls attacked Lee “like a pack of wild animals.”

“He tried to fight them off and they just kept coming back,” the source added.

Police in Toronto named the victim of last month’s deadly attack as 59-year-old Hong Kong immigrant Ken Lee. Toronto Police Service Lee was trying to prevent teenagers from stealing a bottle of alcohol from a friend when he was brutally beaten and stabbed near Toronto’s main train station. google maps

Bystanders flagged down first responders and Lee was taken to an area hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Three 13-year-olds, three 14-year-olds and two 16-year-olds are facing second-degree murder charges stemming from Lee’s murder.

Detective Sgt. Terry Browne said last month that each girl “played a part” in the mass murder, which he described as “shocking” and “disturbing”.

“I’ve been in policing for almost 35 years and you think you’ve seen it all,” the Toronto constable said at the time. “Anyone who isn’t shocked to hear something like that has just given up and said anything is possible in this world.”

Helen Shum, a woman claiming to be a relative of Lee, has started a GoFundMe campaign on behalf of the family, writing in the caption that his death has “completely broken the heart of his elderly mother”.

Schum described the victim, who would have celebrated his 60th birthday last week, as “a beloved son, brother and uncle”.

Lee, seen with girls believed to be his granddaughters, is an immigrant from Hong Kong who had moved into Toronto’s shelter system in recent months, authorities said. GoFundMe

She continued: “Ken was a kind soul. He would help anyone in need, whether it was a close friend or just an acquaintance.”

According to Shum, Lee had experienced “bad luck” last fall and left home “determined to get his life back on track.”

“We made sure he knew we were always here for him and we were waiting for him to come home,” the relative added. “He wanted to resolve his issues independently, and we understood and respected his wishes.”

Police have said they believe the teenagers who allegedly attacked Lee met near Union Station after connecting on social media and were from homes across the Toronto area. They said three had had previous interactions with the police, while another five had not.

Detective Sgt. Terry Browne said last month that the “multiple” attacks involving underage girls were “shocking”. Toronto Police

Canadian authorities cannot legally identify them because they are minors. One was granted bail last month and allowed to return to school, while the rest await hearings.

Investigators have said they believe the girls were trying to get a bottle of alcohol from Lee’s friend, and he stepped in to stop them.

“No one was surprised that he would stand for someone like that,” Doug Johnson Hatlem, a street pastor who works with the homeless, told

Cops also said the same girls were involved in another fight about two hours before they allegedly killed Lee.

“What they are alleged to have occurred that evening would be consistent with what we traditionally call hoarding or hoarding type behavior,” Browne said.

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