Wells Fargo VP Shankar Mishra ‘urinated on passenger’ on plane

Wells Fargo VP Shankar Mishra ‘urinated on passenger’ on plane

Wells Fargo has fired its vice president of India operations after he allegedly urinated on a 72-year-old woman while the two were flying business class on a recent Air India flight.

Shankar Mishra, who worked for Wells Fargo at its corporate office in Mumbai, was identified as the executive who was fired, according to the English-language news site of German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Mishra was said to be drunk while on a November 26 flight from New York to New Delhi.

During the flight, Mishra urinated on a 72-year-old woman who was sitting next to him in business class, according to the report.

A lawyer for Mishra told local media that the bank executive reached a financial settlement with the unnamed victim as compensation.

Mishra also reportedly arranged for the woman’s clothes and purse to be cleaned after they were stained with his urine.

But the woman is known to have returned the money and filed a complaint with the airline. According to the complaint, she asked flight attendants and staff to arrest Mishra and keep him away from her.

Wells Fargo has reportedly fired Shankar Mishra, a Mumbai-based vice president of operations, after he allegedly urinated on a 72-year-old woman.LinkedIn via India Today

Instead, the crew “brought the offender in front of me against my will and we sat across from each other in the crew seats,” according to The India Times.

Mishra is then reported to have fainted. He apologized to the woman and begged her not to file a complaint.

According to reports, Mishra’s tearful expression of remorse convinced the woman not to arrest and charge him.

Indian police in New Delhi are said to be looking for Mishra, whose whereabouts are unknown, according to The Hindu newspaper.

The Post has sought comment from Wells Fargo. The bank told Indian media that the employee was fired and that the allegations were “deeply troubling”.

The bank released a statement to local media in India saying the employee in question had been fired.AFP via Getty Images

An Air India spokesperson told The Post: “Air India has taken a very serious view of the incident where a passenger behaved in an unacceptable and indecent manner on the New York-Delhi flight which caused extreme distress to a fellow passenger.” .

“A police complaint has already been filed and Air India is committed to assisting law enforcement agencies as well as regulatory authorities,” the airline’s representative said.

Last year, a 33-year-old California man was charged in federal court after allegedly asking a Southwest Airlines flight attendant if she would like to see his penis before urinating on the cabin floor.

In June, a TikTok user posted a video of a drunken man who was pulled from a plane by Greek police for allegedly urinating on his brother and provoked a mid-flight fistfight.

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